Did You Ever Think That Your Smart Watch Could Detect Illness Before You Do!

There are multiple gadgets in the market that you can wear, and they will also take care of your health. Even some wearable might be able to warn you and detect the early symptoms of COVID – 19.

There are several studies from the medical researchers, and the result shows that sensors present in the health tracker and smartwatches like Fitbit can detect the early signs of this new virus. 

It looks like a promising way to combat this disorder, and there are more chances of detecting flu and any other infection, or it may also track the development of chronic diseases like Type-2 diabetes.

Working with the Device?

If you have any device that can detect the heart rate, then you have a tool that can do much work for you. Imagine, if there is any application or gadget that can monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen and also warns you when it gets data by watching the essential elements that you are going to get sick.

Even some researchers have noticed a subtle change in the blood chemical, which becomes the greatest predictor of viral or bacterial infections like strep throat, flu, or the current pandemic COVID-19. If you are in the rest position, then the heart rate and blood oxygen count make it harder to detect the chemical change.

Sometimes, the readings don’t seem to be correct because, in the end, that really matters is consistency. A fitness tracker or a smartwatch like Fitbit that reports heart rate and blood oxygen may give enough data for an application to build a report regarding your health’s current status.

If the application was built, especially for detecting one of these items, then it can also start monitoring sensors while your body’s movement. You may get to know about the high blood oxygen amount or elevated heart rate while traveling. In short, if the trend continues, then there are good chances that you can identify that either you are sick or about to.

It is not a centralized service where the smartwatch or fit band user can be tracked.

Not There Yet

According to the researchers, they avow that there is nothing that can be said surely about the exact working of the smartwatch. Things may not go in the direction where they decided to choose. The official data is there, and talented men and women from the science field are working on the product to make it awesome. The awesomeness of this product is that it can let you know that you are sick before you start feeling unhealthy.

The research will have the greatest impact on the current pandemic. The good news about the product is that your data will be safe and only used by your device. The ongoing studies on the users have Fitbits, and Apple Watches also includes a fertility tracker, which will be a great innovation. 

Available smartwatches and fitness bands can monitor your heart rate and calorie consumption. You can buy these products from any shopping website or any authorized dealer. Even most of the smartwatches that are present in the market offer this feature.

Ongoing studies, followed by the trials, and the approval and then the involvement of the red tapes means that this product will not be able to fight against this pandemic. Yes, the idea is pretty much impressive, and the execution seems to be quite easy, and even a lot of smart people have their eyes on this product right now.

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