Minecraft Dungeons: How to Unlock Secret Cow Level and Locate Entire Runes

Minecraft Dungeons is indeed packed with numerous secret locations. Finding all the locations in one attempt is one of the toughest tasks. However, some better secret locations are worth finding because of huge offers. In Minecraft Dungeons, there is a secret cow level that can be possessed if you collect the entire 9 hidden runes. Most of the players don’t know the location of every rune and if you are one of them, so here is the primary guide for you to follow.

Locate the Rune Chapel before Begin the Collection

There is a remarkable story that must be completed before beginning the collection of runes. After you can unlock the adventure difficulty, you will be able to access rune chapel through camp. At the corner of the backside of the garden, there is an appearance of springboard.

It will make you reach the backside of the building along the drawbridge of your camp. Choose a slightly covered track and lower the following drawbridge. Once you make it happen, just enter the rune chapel. 

At the Rune Chapel, you will locate Rune Shrine on the backside of the building. It (device) will let you track the rune progress when you begin your collection.

Following Rune Locations

Creeper Woods

The Creeper Woods location can be located at the ending of the following stage. In the stage, you need to rescue every villager and take the lard. Find the vast size of stone on the ground. 

Enabling the device and tapping the nearest switch will make an opening on the ground to show you the path of rune location. On each rune location, tap the switch of the rune altar to mark the spawning sequence. 

Soggy Swamp

This location will be located at the last of the stage before exit. Getting off the main track, you will see a stone pillar. Behind the mushrooms, there is a switch that will make visible the hidden door path. Just enter the following room to collect the runes. 

Pumpkin Pastures

For this location, you need to focus on the peeled of a massive stone wall. It will be shown when you move into the most developed site of the village. Just move forward and look for the stack of the crates. You will find a switch behind these crates that you let you enter in the rune shrine. Collect those runes and move to another level.

Redstone Mines

If you don’t look properly at this location, you will miss the switch. While rescuing the villages the second time, you need to choose the left path. Hug to the wall until you find the switch. Enter the room and grab the fourth collection of the rune.

Fiery Forge

The rune location exists at the very beginning of this stage. Here you need to find a fallen Redstone that is covered from light rays. Move forward on the same corpse and look for the switch. By activating the following switch, the door of the rune shrine will open. 

Cacti Canyon

Cacti Canyon location exists in the very next room of the first golem key. Outside of the golem key room, there is an entirely hidden switch. Press that switch to open your path to finding the entrance.

 Desert Temple

On this particular location, make sure to focus on the section along with the golem key at the southeast. After exiting from the key room, move to the enormous bush near to the tree. There you will find the hidden switch. Just flip the switch and enter into the shrine of the seventh rune. 

High block Halls

It is another location that can be missed easily because of the chaos of this location. In the vast courtyard, move to the right side of the wall and hug it and find the unlit torch. By activating the unlit torch, you will find the rune shrine entrance.

Obsidian Pinnacle

It is located at the end of the following stage in the vast library room. Defeat the enemies and move to the bookshelf location of the northernmost wall. Locate the switch among the books and head to the rune location. 

Unlock the Secret Location

After you collect the entire 9 runes, just move back to the camp location and reach to rune chapel. By putting all runes on the shrine, it will reveal a hidden room. This specific location will appear on the world map as the sign “???” above on camp. It is the location of homage to Diablo 2’s popular cow stage.

The Cow Level

In this ultimate stage, you will find numerous mushroom enemies and bosses. This level is also recalled as a bonus level because whoever mastered the core stages they will get some DLC drops in their first round of battle.

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