The Best iPad Apps for Movie Maker

If you are a movie maker and love your work, then you are surely going to like this article. In this article, we will mention some of the best iPad movie maker apps that will help you to make the best movies from your iPad.

Studio System Mobile

Studio System Mobile is a fantastic movie maker app that offers you access to TV, the source of a film, and digital information. Apart from these, it also provides you with an extensive database of industry executives, agencies, production houses, film financiers, studios and TV, film, and digital projects, which can help you in various ways to proceed with your passion for movie making.

Studio System Mobile gives you detailed financial tracking of movies and verified contact numbers and email addresses of industry professionals and organizations.

Vintage Film Camera: Retro Art

This app allows you to shoot retro-style videos and many other features like a share button to share your creations, unique analog, realistic mechanical sounds, etc. You can use this app to turn the scenes into more than hundred years old movies. It is an excellent app, but there are some limitations with it; it allows you to make videos not more than 20 seconds in the default black and white settings, and for other clips, you can only make videos of a maximum of 6 seconds. But you can purchase the prime version of this app to extend the time limits to 5 minutes for all types of videos.

Movie Music | Music For Videos

This is a music app for movies that offers you a variety of music that you can use in your videos to express exact emotion for the scene. It contains more than 140 free music tracks, it is an excellent app, and you should use it.

Slow Fast Motion Video Maker

Slow Fast Motion Video Maker is a video editor that allows you to slow down or speed up multiple sections of your video for free. It will enable you to edit your videos without watermark, and there are no limitations for video length. You can save your videos at full resolution, and it also supports unrestricted video length and corrected audio pitch.

Untitled – Screenwriting Notes

It is an excellent app for screenwriting and note-making; you can use this app to develop your stories, draft mind-blowing scenes, build compelling characters, and transform the notes into screenplays. It has a straightforward interface with lots of fantastic features; it saves your records automatically so that you will never lose your ideas.

Add Music To Video Editor

Add Music To Video Editor is an excellent video editing app that allows you to add background music and your voice recordings to your videos. You can also trim and control the volume of your videos.

FiLMic Pro

This is a camera app that allows you to shoot full HD videos from the camera of your iPad. So you will not be forced to buy an expensive camera anymore, use this app on your iPad and enjoy making films.

Videoshop – Video Editor

This app provides you with lots of excellent editing tools along with some fantastic visual effects and filters that you can use to make your videos as classic as you want. It offers you some ideal filters, quick editing tools, multilingual as well as animated tiles.

Magisto – Magical Video Editor

This app can help you to stitch all the videos that you have recorded on your iPad and create a fantastic movie for you. So when you don’t know what to do with your videos on your iPad, install this app and the rest it will do for you. It is a fantastic app that creates beautiful movies easily in minutes, and you should try it once.

Animoto Video Maker

This app allows you to customize and edit your videos, and not only that, but you can also use photos to create fantastic clips. It offers you a music library and an intuitive interface that makes it a very user-friendly app. You should give this app a try.


iMovie allows you to create full HD videos that you can directly publish on YouTube or Facebook. Try this app and give yourself a new experience.

These are some of the best movie maker apps for iPad that you can use to make fantastic movies. Try them and become a professional movie maker.

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