Top Instagram Analytics Tools to Grow Your Audience

Learning from mistakes is a good habit that all folks should adopt. If you learn from your mistakes, you have more chances of achieving the best possible results next time. Analytics work in the same way and let you know about your drawbacks and help you rectify discrepancies while managing a social media account. Analytics let you take a look at how your performance on social media has been over the past days. By gauging the situation your social media account is in, you can make adjustments to your social media account and multiply its growth rate at the speed of light.

Analytics let you know about both the posts that have made a great contribution to your social media growth and those which didn’t do well. It gives you a better understanding of what was attracting people and why some scrolled down without reacting to your posts after viewing them. To assist you in assessing the position of your social media account, here is a list of some of the best Instagram analytics tools that may help you reach the expected standard on social media.


Owlmetrics is quite amazing for you if you want to know how quick your audience is at reacting to your posts. This gives you an idea of what your audience wants and what attracts your audience more. By taking advantage of its great feature, you can maximize your chances of success on the social media platform. Owlmetrics includes a good range of metrics that help you make an analysis of hashtag activity, gender, and the location of followers and click-through-rate on Instagram. The data can be shared with others after being exported. Owlmetrics can clear your path to success by informing you of the root causes that hinder your account growth.


Iconosquare is the name that has earned accolades from its users. It currently has more than 25000 users that include some prominent businesses such as Air Newzealand and National Geographic. It goes without saying that Iconosquare is the trusted name. It can handle both Instagram and Facebook profiles. By just tapping on the desired icon, you can get a glimpse of the performance of your account in an easy way. Be it the audience’s behavior or people’s saying about your stardom, It gives you all the relevant details in just a couple of clicks. It gives you a detailed overview of how well your account is performing in comparison with other small businesses.

Sprout Social

Your success seeds sprout here faster. Sprout Social makes it easy for you to take an in-depth look at analytics across several social networks. It has tons of useful features but one of the most useful features is ‘Smart Inbox’ that lets you have communication with other teammates and share assignments with other colleagues. It is a great tool for you to gain an excellent level of achievement in the world of social media. If you are really serious about making a mark on social media, you can test out a 30-day free trial before shelling out bucks.


Keyhole is an amazing platform that will increase your success rate and expand your brand as much as possible. It provides you with a detailed report on all important factors that contribute to success on social networks. You can view live results, gather useful data, and get an idea of what should be the next step to gain more public attention. Keyhole offers monitoring for events, listening, and influencer partnership that is vital to maintaining your brand’s reputation. It comes with various plans. The price of each plan varies, depending on the type of plan.


Quintly works quickly! The most trusted platform, Quintly, charges you for its outstanding services and gives you the best possible results in less than no time. It is well-known among high-profile clients such as Coca-Cola, Adobe and Warner Bros., and Samsung. It offers you the best service that is worth appreciation. You should give it a try. It brings about good results at a rate of knots. It offers a detailed report on 400 metrics. It has a customizable dashboard and live chat support. You can export reports in the desired format. It really gives you more than you pay.

Union Metrics

It is a great and useful suite packed with various features that does an excellent job of fulfilling your requirements in the arena of social media. It has all the essential tools that a marketer is a need of. From social media monitoring, keyword listening, competitive analysis to self-optimization insights, it includes everything you may need in the marketing world. If you want to give it a try for free of cost, you may visit its official website and know what time may be best for you to post. It gives you valuable recommendations regarding what hashtags may work better for boosting growth and driving more traffic to your account. You can consider paying for full service if it suits your needs.


From social media scheduling to tracking your growth, everything becomes easy for you with the help of Later. You can schedule your posts, track growth, and export analytics in the format you want. It offers you a wide range of features that make it worth giving a try. It offers a ‘Free’ plan that provides fewer features than the ‘Brand’ plan which is primarily intended for those who own large agencies. You can get a lot of features for free too if you give it a try. With the help of Later, most of the people have been prospering by leaps and bounds by knowing the root causes of their major drawbacks on social media. If you are concerned about boosting your growth on social media, you should look no further than Later.


Crowdfire is really commendable and worth giving appreciation. It may be the most useful if you want to manage your Instagram account with no difficulties coming in your way. It lets you know about how well your Instagram account has performed over the last few days. By taking cognizance of the analytics, you can make adjustments to your account so that it rapidly goes up. Crowdfire is a great choice for you if you are trying to consolidate your position on Instagram. It comes with a very simple and easy to navigate interface. You should give it a try as it may help you establish a good rank on Instagram like a bat out of hell.

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